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DreamVentures Women and Minority Developers

Handpicked Investments in Your Neighborhood

An investment in DreamVentures Women and Minority Developers is an investment in a blended portfolio of opportunities. Below are our initial opportunities we have identified for investment. Prospective investors should note that this list may change from time to time as the individual projects complete their own capital raising efforts.

Projected Portfolio Returns

  • Total Distributions $6,726,828 

  • Total Contributions $1,070,000 

  • Total Profit $5,808,828

  • IRR37.10% 

  • Equity Multiple7.33x

  • 10 Year Investment Term

  • 8% Annual Dividend

  • Monthly Payments


Garden Oaks Apartments - New Orleans

VPG Enterprise

100 Unit Property, located in Algiers. Property is 70% occupied, VPG has an extensive renovation plan that will increase occupancy to 93% and improve cash flow by 40%. The Company has allocated $100,000 for this cash flowing investment. Projected Returns to the Company 

  • Total Distributions $274,189 

  • Total Contributions $100,000 

  • Total Profit $174,189 

  • IRR 21.48% 

  • Equity Multiple 2.74x

RYSE Creative Village - Atlanta


RYSE Creative Village is the first co-working space and incubator specifically designed for Georgia's booming film, entertainment and digital media industry. The facility is designed to serve a number of creative disciplines and will include multiple production studios, a green screen, photography studios, a virtual reality studio, a gaming center, podcasting rooms, a recording studio, a screening theater, editing suites, meeting spaces, a cafe and a creative co-working space. The Company has allocated $100,000 for this exciting redevelopment opportunity. Projected Returns to the Company 

  • Total Distributions $1,695,553 

  • Total Contributions $100,000 

  • Total Profit $1,595,553 

  • IRR 59.59% 

  • Equity Multiple 16.96x

DreamHouse@610 Market - Shreveport


The ML Bath Building in Downtown Shreveport is an Historic renovation project by DreamHouse Co-Living. The Project will include 25 Short Term Rental Apartments, 15,000 sf of resort style amenity space, 7,000 sf of co-working space and 20,000 sf of retail space. The Company has allocated $50,000 for this Historic Rehabilitation. Projected Returns to the Company 

  • Total Distributions $1,866,509

  • Total Contributions $50,000 

  • Total Profit $1,816,509

  • IRR 105.61% 

  • Equity Multiple37.33x

Prolific Point Apartments - Houston

Prolific Management

Prolific Point Apartments is a ground up development of 8 one bedroom apartments, 8 two bedroom apartments and small retail space on the ground floor. The project is located in Southwest Houston and will serve as a catalyst to economic development in the area. The Company has allocated $100k to this investment opportunity. Projected Returns to the Company 

  • Total Distributions $557,136 

  • Total Contributions $100,000 

  • Total Profit $457,136 

  • IRR 30.93% 

  • Equity Multiple 5.57x

Huntsville Road Duplexes - Fayetteville, AR

3V Development

50% ownership interest in two duplexes. Fully occupied earning $1,500 per unit. Property is currently cash flowing and 100% Occupied. The Company has allocated $70,000 to this investment opportunity. Total Projected Returns

  • Total Distributions $369,973

  • Total Contributions $70,000

  • Total Profits $299,973

  • IRR 24.66%

  • Equity Multiple 8.57x 

Memphis Tiny Home Project

Dwayne A. Jones Construction 

The Memphis Tiny Home Project was launched by Dwayne Jones to tackle housing affordability in Memphis’ Orange Mound neighborhood. The homes are 400-500 sf each and are available for sale in the $50k-$65k range and for rent for $400-$600 a month, creating much needed quality affordable housing in one of the nation’s richly historic African American neighborhoods. The Company is raising debt for this project, a line of credit up to $250,000 with an interest rate of 7% and one year terms. 

Church Across Street 1.jpg


Our Principles

DreamVentures is a Real Estate Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment firm that invests in real estate projects led by Women and Minority developers and provides venture funding to the businesses housed within those projects. As a value-added investor with a long-term perspective, DreamVentures provides patient capital, an ecosystem of diverse founders, and shared support services to help guide and lead our portfolio of companies and investments to their full potential. 

Pioneering an innovative approach to funding grassroots community development, Dream Ventures is the first real estate private equity and venture capital investment firm to engage diverse community members as owners by offering equity shares through the Regulation Crowdfunding provision of the JOBS Act of 2012.

We specialize in seeding our investments using Regulation Crowdfunding, allowing both accredited and non-accredited to invest in promising enterprises and private wealth building opportunities from $100. While the investment amount may start off small, with faith, hard work and dedication, we take seriously the mission to grow all investments for generations to come.


Investment Criteria

We invest in projects that meet the following criteria: 


  • We invest in real estate projects led by Women and Minority Developers. 

  • Project teams will have a strong foundational structure

  • Project will create permanent living wage jobs and/or affordable housing units

  • Project will return steady cash flows to investors and predictable value appreciation based on conservative numbers.

  • Not only do we aim to invest, but also seek to develop an ecosystem of diverse developers, investors and community members


  • Single Family Residential, Multifamily, Mixed Use Commercial, Hospitality

  • Equity investment of $25,000-$500,00 with a fixed preferred rate of return and targeted overall IRR tailored to each transaction. 

  • Preference given for projects that fall into one or more of these categories: Transit Oriented Developments, Downtown Development, Tax Credit Eligible Projects, Urban Infill, New Home Production Builders

  • Hold Period 1-10 years


If your company meets these criteria, then please send your deck and the following three items to info@dreamventureco.com.  Please allow us at least two weeks to get you our thoughts.

Project Proposal


Sources & Uses Table


Investment Protection

The Investment strategy of DreamVentures is to acquire buildings and land to develop a closed loop ecosystem of Businesses and Residents. We accomplish this by first targeting tax credit eligible projects that will generate tax credits to be sold and transferred to tax equity Investors in exchange for investment into the Project. We then develop and operate the properties, leveraging data to build a mix of revenue streams that add continuous positive feedback to our cash flows and ecosystems. We then analyze the data to determine the strengths and weaknesses of Businesses within the ecosystem and continuously make adjustments to increase cash flow and grow the business outside of the ecosystem. 


How It Works

Simple Steps to Wealth Creation

Development Partners Present Real Estate Opportunities

We partner with Developers who have a track record of success, dedicated and competent staff, and who invest their own funds into the projects. We put each Development Team and Project through a tough Due Diligence process to ensure projects are sound investments. Projects include Single Family Rehabs, Historic Renovations, Multifamily Acquisitions, and Ground Up Developments.

You Invest

We accept investments from accredited and non-accredited investors up to the maximum allowed by law of $1.07 million. Anyone can invest worldwide using a credit or debit card to fund your investment.

Collect Rent Payments

Our portfolio of properties generate positive cash flow that is then distributed to individual investors. Our Fund offers an 8% Preferred return with monthly distribution payments. We target returns of 15% over a 10 year period. We charge an annual asset management fee of 3% to cover the costs of fund administration.


Our Development Partners

VPG Logo.jpg

VPG Enterprise






Peregrine Interests


Why You Should Invest

An investment in the Fund is a Direct Investment in each of the Properties listed in the Portfolio. The Fund hand selects investments in properties managed and operated by reputable and capable Women and Minority Developers. The Fund is the first Regulation Crowdfunding Offer specifically aimed at investing in Women and Minority Developers.


Our Team

Who We Are

John Whatley


As CEO I lead the individual funds and direct the investments with our partners and fund managers. I also make sure the funds efforts match the brand and mission of the company and that they support members who make our spaces and investments so valuable.

I have also worked with leading organizations in the real estate and tech sector including Village Capital, China Growth Group Limited, Inhab Accelerator, Tech Square Labs, Digital Crafts Coding School, General Assembly, Opportunity Hub, and several local Atlanta startups and development companies. I graduated with an MA from Goldsmiths College University of London, and an undergraduate degree from Morehouse College. I spend my free time practicing Spanish, German, and French. 

Jeff Heng

Partner and Managing Director 

Jeff is a Partner and Managing Director of DreamVentures. Aside from contributing his time and experiences to help grow DreamVentures, Jeff is a software engineer working on next generation automotive

engineering and product development. He founded Project Neighbors, a triple bottom line social impact organization to improve communities. Additionally, Jeff is an avid investor with strong focus on real estate and tech startups. He is a board member and mentor at a few local non-profits and business incubators/accelerators.

Ryan Thomas

Acquisitions Director

Ryan focuses on identifying diverse teams that are in the real estate development space. He leans on his experience as Portfolio Analyst with CBRE, serving as an underwriter for their $9 billion Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac portfolio of multi family loans across the US. Ryan loves marching bands, traveling to new locations, and a good vibe.



The Answers You Need


How Do I get Started as an Investor

You can get started by going Here and creating an account on BuyTheBlock.com, an SEC Registered Crowdfunding Portal we use to manage investments into our funds. 

What Type of Accounts Can I Invest Through?

You can create an account individually, jointly, as an entity (Trusts, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, C Corps, S Corps, and IRAs)

What is a K-1? Will I get a k-1?

As a partner in the Fund LLC that purchases a direct interest in the properties, you will receive a K-1. A K-1 is a tax form used by partnerships to provide investors with detailed information on their share of a partnership's taxableicome. Partnerships are generally not subject to federal or state income tax, but instead issue a K-1 to each investor to report his or her share of the partnership's income, gains, losses, deductions and credits. The K-1s are provided to investors on an annual basis so that each investor can include K-1 amounts on his or her tax returns.

When will I receive a K-1?

We depend on third party accountants to prepare K-1s for each Property in the Portfolio. As such, we cannot gaurantee when you will receive your annual K-1. Our goal is to have them completed and mailed out by Januarty 31 of each year. In some cases, you may need to file an extension if we are unable to deliver them to investors before the annual tax filing deadline.

Accredited, Unaccredited, What's it Mean? Does it Matter?

Accredited Investor typically has a net worth of $1 million or more, not including your personal residence, or an income above $200,000 for the past three years. An entity with a net worth of $5 million or more, or all of its owners are accredited. 

Unaccredited Investors will fall below the above thresholds.

No matter what category you fall into, you can invest up to 10% of your annual income into our Fund. Ex: Your Annual Income is $50,000, you can invest up to $5,000 per year into Regulation CF Offers. 

Can I Add Funds After My First Investment?

Yes! You may continue to purchase shares in the Fund until we sale the max amount of shares of $1.07 million, or until the Offer expires in September 2020.

Can I Invest if I Live in Another State? Another Country?

Yes and Yes! Investors in all 50 US States and Territories can invest. International investors may invest, please check the laws in your country for accuracy.

What are the fees? Is there a Promote/Split?

There is a 10% Fund setup fee (4.5% in Portal Fees to Buy The Block and 5.5% in Fund Expenses to DreamVentures) and annual asset management fees of 3%. The Fund pays an 8% Preferred Return, meaning all of your investment is paid back with an 8% annual return. After your return is met, all income, refinancing proceeds, and sale proceeds are split, 70% goes to the investors and 30% goes to the Fund Managers as an incentive to achieve above an 8% return. 

Fees are higher than normal Industry Fees due to small size of Fund (Fund is capped at $1.07m by law) and our strict adherence to underwriting standards. Fees cover marketing, accounting, legal, and due diligence expenses incurred in normal Fund operations. 

How Long is the Term of the Fund?

The Fund is for a Term of 10 Years. Investors should expect their money to stay in the Fund for the full 10 year period. Investors should not depend on regular dividend payments. Dividend payments will only be made when there is positive cash flow from the properties the Fund invests in. The Fund will typically make monthly dividend payments, however, this is not a guaranteed payment. Investors are not allowed to pull their investment out prior to the end of the 10 year period. This is to ensure everyone's investment has every opportunity to grow to its full potential.

What is the Projected Return of the Fund? What is an IRR?

The Fund has a projected internal rate of return of 15%. The Internal Rate of Return takes into account all of the cash flow received from the investment over time, and the value appreciation realized upon a sale or refinance. The IRR number is used to compare irregular cash flow and appreciation payments against one another for multiple investments.

What Are the Risks Involved?

There are many! Real Estate Investing is an inherently risky and capital intensive endeavor. We strive to mitigate risks every chance we get, however, we can't stop them all. Please be sure to read all of the disclosures listed in the Fund's PPM documents for a full listing. Mainly, be aware that your investment in the Fund is a direct equity investment in the Real Estate. Your entire investment could be lost. Do not invest if you cannot afford to risk your entire investment. 



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